Mission Critical Diaster Recovery Planning
If your business is like most, your information system is critical. Disaster recovery planning is a complex, time and resource consuming process. Making your Disaster Recovery Plan successful requires the support and cooperation of everyone impacted by it; peers, senior executives, and people throughout the company. We have developed a broad base of experience helping customers recover from intentional and unintentional system failures. Through this experience we can provide the expertise to develop and implement a scalable disaster recovery plan to meet your business and budget needs.

Tape backup solutions
Tape solutions run from a central server location and can be used to do complete or partial backups of critical data. Tapes can be taken offsite and complete backups can be put on multiple tapes for additional redundancy.

Network Attached Storage solutions (NAS)
Network Attached Storage generally consists of hard disk arrays connected by Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet or Fiber channel. Network attached storage is generally much faster than tape backup systems and additional storage space can be added as needed.

Why do you need a tape backup and disaster recovery plan?
If the hard drive on your desktop or file server crashed today how much of your critical business data would be lost? could you possibly recover your company from the data lost from a crash? Statistics had shown that 43% businesses that have severe data loss due to a crash never re-open and up to 70% of companies that have total or serious data loss go out of business in 12 months. This situation can be easily prevented by implementing a good backup solution. Digerati Consulting can help you plan a backup and recovery solution so give us a call today to discuss the backup solutions available for your company.

You’ve lost everything? Do not panic, there's still hope!
We deploy forensic tools to recover your data. If your data or hard drive is already damaged we are not able to guarantee how much can be saved. It is also difficult to estimate the time required to recover your data, because often it is a long manual process where much depends on the extent of the damage. If your hard drive is damaged beyond recovery, with your consent, we will send it to a partner data recovery lab for further analysis. Still, in most cases your data can be recovered.

If you suspect that your data is damaged and you may need to recover it, please turn off your computer immediately. Every single thing that you do after the first signs of a data loss may deteriorate the situation significantly. The more you use your computer with corrupted data on it, the less chances are for recovery. Do not delay, call us now!

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